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I've been collecting, Transformers, He-Man and the master of the Universe, Zoids, Ultraman, Dragon ball, Mask, Care bears, Dinery Collection, Star Wars, Blythe dolls, doll accessories and many toys over the years. Trading and selling of toys for something that you want more is also part of the hobby. I have created this blog to inform other collectors what I have for sale and if you have something that you want. Post a comment here. I might just have what you are looking for.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Titanium Transformers : Megatron

I am selling my extra MISB Titanium Megatron Cheap.. going for only 30 SGD(Neg). All Edges are sharp. Only for local buyers. Is too heavy to ship and its not worth the shipping charges. So for those interested please leave me an email at

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I recently setup a Website for Card making

While the cards here are not for sale ( atleast not for the moment), anyone who is interesting could drop me a note. And I will send you some pointers on how it could be made or send you the templates as well.. Please visit

Btythe Dress for Sale

Stuffs to clear, priced to go, Please email me at All prices you see below includes regular air mail from Singapore.
First in the list, Sugar Mag Gothic Dress 9USd (Sold)

5 pairs of Socks for Sale 3usd each:
1st Row: 1. Red stripes 2. Black and blue alternating stripes , 3. Plain blue stripes (Sold)
2nd Row: 4. Red with white stripes (Sold), 5. Black thick stripes (Sold)
More to come in the.. Scroll down to see more........

Blythe Dress for Sale II: The more the merrier

Sugar Mag, Holland styled set-11USD!! Price reduced
Tea for 2, brown boots -4USD (On hold)
3 pairs of Shades for Sale, 1. Grey, 2. Orange and 3. Purple. Please give me the no. code that you want. Going for 8 USD each
Ocean Mist Dress from Sugar Mag 7 USD
Grey Dress from Sugar Mag 10usd (Sold)
Bumble Bee Dress 11USD Price Reduced!!
Blue Striped Blouse and White Spaghetti top for 6USD Price reduced

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Transformers Book collection #18 Soundblaster MISB

MISB Transformers book collection #18 Decepticon Soundblaster for sale. From my personal colleciton. Box is in perfect condition . easily c-9.5 if not 10. This is the improved version for Soundwave, exclusive to japan release. First appeared in the Japan animation Head master series. In the animation, Soundwave died in his battle with Blaster, and was later revived to become Soundblaster. Not only was he given a black paint job ( Meaner Look) slight modification and retooling was also done to his chest / cassette deck to make space for the 2 cassettes transformers that comes with it. Buzzsaw and Ravage. Its 3 vintage transformers for the price of 1.
I really hate to part with this gem. sigh.. but here goes.. I am selling it for 130usd. Interested parties.. let me know.

Custom Blythe doll and outfit set for sale.

My Girl is putting up her custm girl Tess for adoption. She is a girl that comes for her personal collection, and she hope that Tess will be able to go to a new home where she will be more loved and get the attention she deserves. She was originally a purple pinafore blyhe. Please note that as she is a custom, she is not perfect. Her scalp has been nicely glued back with minimal gaps

Here are the customisation that has been done to her:
1. Her hair has been re-rooted with beautiful pink strawberry saran hair, it is re rooted perfectly by hand and she has been given bangs.
2. Her eye shadown is the original colour of green
3. Her eyeschip have ebbn painted to a darker shades. for the front facing pink and orange chips. The side green and blue eyes remain the same.
4. Her original eyelashes have ben made thinker and more luscious by adding a layer of fake human lashes on top ot it
5. Her Lips have been painted to a brither pink with acrylic paint.
6. She has been spray matte with a dash of blush across her nose area
7. She has also been give a licca body and a custom pull ring

Tess will come to you with everything you see in the photo. Her outfit is from Sugermag.
I am selling her for 230USD. Interested parties feel free to leave me a msg or email me.

Monday, October 16, 2006

What!? More for Sale? Transformers Binatech the complete guide

One of the best documentation of Transformers toy design ever . This book offers great insight on how the ideas of Binatech was first conceptualized, designs on drawing board were made into actual toys. Truely a must buy for all Transformers collectors especially those who adore the line. It gives us a greater understanding and appreciation of the masterpiece you hold in your hands. I am selling it for 60 USD. Interested parties let me know. However, buyer please be aware that the cover of this book suffers a scratch at the back.

More toys for sale: Galvatron G1 and Engeron

Galvatron, I have a pair of Galvatron for sale, both are MISB, they can go as individuals, apologises for the photo quality. More pictures could be provided for interested parties.
Trade are welcome too.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Transformers: Lio Kaizer from Victory

One of the best Combiners in my opinion. in term of it Aesthetic design, being proportional in his Combined mode and the individual robots, each armed with a animal transforming Chest plate that double as a Gun. The Japanese call them the breast force. I prefer to call them the Target master. Which ever the case it stands up among all G1 combiners. And if I am not wrong, He the only one with elbow joint. This gem has been sold to Hal from RSP. Thought i should give him a little tribute by posting some of the pictures I took of him before sealing it up. I hope Hal will treasure this gem as much as I did.

MP02 Ultramagnus

MP-02 Ultra Magnus, to many its just a repaint. But its more than just that, its is actually improved version of MP-01. MP-01 has a drooping face mask, revealing too much of his nose.
in MP02. This has been corrected. In for some reason the white repaint look surprising better than MP-01. I am selling a MISB ultra Magnus. Anyone who is interested feel free to email me at