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I've been collecting, Transformers, He-Man and the master of the Universe, Zoids, Ultraman, Dragon ball, Mask, Care bears, Dinery Collection, Star Wars, Blythe dolls, doll accessories and many toys over the years. Trading and selling of toys for something that you want more is also part of the hobby. I have created this blog to inform other collectors what I have for sale and if you have something that you want. Post a comment here. I might just have what you are looking for.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Transformers Ultimate Guide

Selling another Transformers Guide, You watched the movie, You bought the toy

but did you know how the first Movie prime looks like? And how he has evolve. Learn about this

in this book.

The content isnt as fantastic and the Fold Up paper craft Optimus prime, when assembled

he stands 30cm tall and fully posable. I am not too sure if it transform as I have not

assemble one myself. And its still sealed in the baggie

I bought an additional copy from Japan and I am selling my extra off for 60 SGD. Interested parties can SMS or call me at 97428152. (SOLD)

Transformers Binatech complete Guide (Japanese)

Over the years many transformers catologs books have been published.
While DK Ultimate guide focus more on the characters (which are entirely Friction)and is hardly consistance banking mostly on Dreamwave previous Art work.

I prefer collecting Japanese Trasformers book, though I can't really understand what
they are talking about, the pictures in them speaks more than a thousand words
and offer inside other than simply Art work and finish product.

They allow up to take a peak into how the design evolve and the mechanism of transformation. One of the best Transformers book that was ever published was

Of cos no book has even been able to completely cover the entire TF franchise
This book certainly a must have for Binatech/ Alternator fans

From Ideas to Blue prints....

From Blue prints to transforming mechanism design..

And finally the finish product. Of each TF that was ever released till the date of published.

Its now for sale at 90 SGD. Sms me at 97428152 if you are interested.