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I've been collecting, Transformers, He-Man and the master of the Universe, Zoids, Ultraman, Dragon ball, Mask, Care bears, Dinery Collection, Star Wars, Blythe dolls, doll accessories and many toys over the years. Trading and selling of toys for something that you want more is also part of the hobby. I have created this blog to inform other collectors what I have for sale and if you have something that you want. Post a comment here. I might just have what you are looking for.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

MORE for SALE!!!!! Great Singapore Sale preview.


Takara might have come out with their own version, added in some chrome. Looks better. But in my opinon have higher risk of paint wear and lower display/play friendly.
And they took away something very important that makes TRANSFORMERS special.
Thermal Insignia Rub.
So to me Hasbro's version still has it own value.

Up for sale is 3 Hasbro's Classic (Wave 1) Apologies for the poor picture. Better one will be provide when requested.

MOSC Grimlock c-9.5 $25
MOSC Star Scream - $25 C9.5

MOSC Hot Rodimus -$25 C8.5 (Slight flap crease at the back)
Get all 3 for just $70!!!
Interested buyer please sms me at 97428152.